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One of most used leading file-sharing tool designed for swift and efficient transfer of files across a variety of devices without the necessity of an internet connection is Xender apk
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One of most used leading file-sharing tool designed for swift and efficient transfer of files across a variety of devices without the necessity of an internet connection is Xender Apk. Utilizing advanced technology, it facilitates the sharing of all kinds of files including documents, images, music, videos, and applications at remarkable speeds.

The app is celebrated for its ease of use and compatibility with multiple platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free way to exchange files between smart phones, tablets, and computers.

In the digital age, the need for a reliable and efficient method of transferring files between devices is more important. This advanced sharing solution stands as a signal of innovation, offering users the ability to swiftly transfer a wide array of file types ranging from multimedia and documents to apps across different operating systems without relying on internet connectivity.

Its cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless exchange process, making it a go-to choice for those in search of a comprehensive and hassle-free file sharing experience. Its universal compatibility further elevates its status as a versatile tool in both personal and professional settings, bridging the gap between diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

What is Xender Apk?

Xender is an application designed for transferring files and sharing multimedia content between devices without requiring an internet connection. It employs Wi-Fi Direct technology to facilitate high-speed data exchange, making it possible for users to send and receive documents, photos, music, videos, and apps across various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

The tool stands out for its user-friendly interface and the ability to handle large files efficiently, offering a convenient alternative to traditional methods such as email attachments or physical storage devices. It supports multiple languages and has gained popularity worldwide for its practicality in sharing content directly between phones or between a phone and a computer.

There are different versions available on our site like 7.0, 5.5.2 download. Hence one can download old version also on this platform.

How to Use the File Transfer Tool?

Installation and Setup

Begin by downloading and installing the application on your device from a trusted source like this site. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions for initial setup, allowing the app to access files on your device for sharing.

Getting Started

After securing the app from a reputable source like our website and installing it, users are greeted by an intuitive setup process. By granting the necessary permissions, the app gains access to the device’s storage, cover the way for file sharing.

Initiating File Exchange

To begin the process, both the sender and receiver must have the app active. The sender selects the “+” sign to choose files for sharing and initiates the transfer with a “Send” command. The receiver, on the other hand, activates the “Receive” mode, allowing both devices to connect and start the file exchange instantly.

Transferring Files

Ensure the application is open on both the sending and receiving devices. On the sender’s end, select the “+” button; choose the desired files or applications to share, and press the “Send” button. The receiver should select the “Receive” button, enabling a connection between the devices. The transfer will then proceed rapidly.

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Receiving Files

To receive files, open the application and select the “Receive” button to make your device visible to the sender. Once the sender picks your device from the displayed list, the file transfer starts automatically. On the receiving end, activating the “Receive” mode signals the sender’s device for a connection. Once connected, the file transfer begins automatically, showcasing the platform’s efficiency and user-friendly design

General Features

Cross-platform Compatibility

This app supports file sharing across various operating systems, ensuring seamless file exchange between different types of devices.

Offline Services

A standout feature is its ability to transfer files without an internet connection, relying instead on advanced technology for direct device communication. That’s why people say it offline music and documents exchange app.

High-Speed Transfers

The application boasts speeds that surpass traditional transfer methods, ensuring quick sharing of large files. So you can say that this is fast-file transfer app for android.

Versatile File Support

Users can share any type of file without restrictions, including multimedia, documents, and even applications.

Natural User Interface

The application features a straightforward and instinct interface, simplifying the process of file sharing for users of all expertise levels. Including these functionalities, the application offers a powerful and convenient solution for all file-sharing requirements.

MOD Features

No File Size Limit

The mod version boasts increased transfer speeds, surpassing the original application’s performance. Users can send large files without facing size restrictions, facilitating the sharing of extensive videos or large collections of photos with ease. This is also “peer-to-peer file sharing app with no data usage”.

Ad-Free Experience

This version removes all advertisements, offering a cleaner and more seamless interface. The absence of interruptions enhances user satisfaction, making file sharing more enjoyable and efficient.

Extended Compatibility

It extends compatibility beyond mobile devices, allowing for the seamless exchange of files with desktop computers. This broadened compatibility ensures that users can transfer files to and from various types of devices without compatibility concerns.

Simplified User Interface

The application now boasts a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Simplifications and optimizations in the design make navigation and file management effortless, even for first-time users. This is “easy way to transfer files between tablets and smartphones”.

Advanced File Management

Users gain access to a set of advanced file management tools, allowing for easier organization, search, and sorting of files before and after transfer. This feature simplifies locating specific files and managing large volumes of data.

Group Sharing Capability

An innovative addition is the ability to share files with multiple recipients simultaneously. This group sharing feature is ideal for collaborative projects or when distributing media to a group of friends, significantly saving time and effort.

Increased Transfer Reliability

Enhancements in the transfer protocol ensure higher reliability and stability during file transfers. Even in conditions of fluctuating connectivity, the application maintains transfer progress, reducing the risk of interrupted transfers and ensuring files reach their destination intact.

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Q. What is this file-sharing app?

This app is a tool designed for transferring files, including photos, videos, music, and documents, between devices without the need for internet connectivity.

Q. How does the app work?

It uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to establish a connection between devices, enabling fast and efficient file transfers without relying on data or an internet connection.

Q. Is the app available for all devices?

Yes, it is compatible with various platforms, including smart phones and computers, allowing for versatile file sharing across different types of devices.

Q. Can I share files with multiple people at once?

Yes, the app includes a feature that allows for sharing files with multiple recipients simultaneously, making it convenient for group sharing.

Q. How fast can files be transferred using the app?

The app facilitates transfers at high speeds, significantly faster than traditional Bluetooth transfers or when using mobile data.

Q. Are there any size limitations for files I can share?

No, one of the benefits of using this app is the ability to transfer large files without size restrictions, making it ideal for sharing large videos or extensive photo albums.

Q. Is it possible to transfer files to a computer?

Yes, the app supports transferring files to and from computers, enhancing its utility by allowing seamless sharing between mobile devices and desktops.

Q. How does the app handle advertisements?

In its modified version, the app offers an ad-free experience, removing distractions and providing a cleaner interface for users.

Q. What makes this app different from other file-sharing applications?

Its key advantages include high-speed transfers, no file size limits, multi-platform compatibility, and the ability to transfer files without an internet connection, distinguishing it from other apps in the market.


The enhanced version of Xender mod apk latest version offers significant improvements over its standard counterpart, providing users with a faster, more versatile, and user-friendly experience. The removal of ads and the absence of file size limits significantly improve its usability, making it an attractive option for those looking to share files across multiple platforms and devices efficiently.

Its extended compatibility further ensures that users enjoy a comprehensive solution to their file transfer needs, solidifying its position as a top choice in its category. With these additional features, the upgraded file-sharing app not only enhances the core functionality of fast and efficient file transfers but also introduces a level of sophistication in user interaction and file management.

The simplified user interface, coupled with advanced file management and group sharing capabilities, serves to the diverse needs of users. The increased transfer reliability further ensures a seamless and frustration-free sharing experience. These improvements, combined with the previously mentioned features, position this app as a comprehensive and versatile tool for anyone looking to share files between devices quickly and efficiently.

What's new

1. Other bug fixes and transfer optimizations


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