1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes to Redeem (All Working 2024)

If you are struggling to boost your game either single players or with your friends then why you don’t consider 1 on 1 soccer cheat codes? This
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If you are struggling to boost your game either single players or with your friends then why you don’t consider 1 on 1 soccer cheat codes? This is a game with full of adventure and action packed. Basically these cheat codes are opening doors for access of unlimited rewards.

These rewards may vary in different version from money to cosmetics to different footballs and even availability of players. Players can spend their days tending to crops, raising livestock, and crafting all sorts of delicious goods, from cheese to furniture. Here is the stock of APKs games and apps of all categories including Sports Games related articles like NBA 2k23 Locker Codes.

How to Activate in 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes?

Activating cheat codes is a wonderful. Before starting a match, enter the code of your choice in the game’s cheat section. You’re ready to experience soccer like never before. We must refer that you should use these codes as it is as we have given you to avoid any confusion and any problem. In short just copy and paste these codes.

Working of 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes

All Working Codes List

  • AllSowsAme: This cheat code makes it so that both players are on the same team
  • beSaChbAll: Wth this cheat code, you can change the soccer ball into a beach ball
  • bOwliSbaLl: Using this cheat code will turn the soccer ball into a bowling ball instead
  • floSATball: With this code, a wall appears above the pitch
  • flyiSgmoDE: Turn this cheat code on to fly
  • loWgraSiTy: You can lower gravity with this cheat code (and it’s pretty fun, too)
  • SpeEdItuPp: Activate this code for a permanent speed buff
  • teNniSbaLl: With this code, the soccer ball gets turned into a tennis ball
  • thEbeAtleS: Using this cheat code unlocks The Beatles as a team (Here, There and Everywhere!)
  • thERStoNes: Unlock The Rolling Stones as a team (and Paint It, Black)

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How to Redeem Cheat Codes?

To save or use these codes you just follow three basic steps and here you go to use these codes. But before using these codes, here is a tip. You have to put these codes before start of playing the game.

  • Open the Menu from home screen.
  • Press Cheats from the menu.
  • Copy your desired code from above given active code’s list.
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Here you go to start to play with unlimited access.

What's new

Version 2.50
• New Super Players - More dynamic players available soon!
• Arena 11 - Progress into the Mythic Arena and earn higher rewards.
• Player upgrades - Turn it up to 11 and see your players improve!
• Extra event types - Try out Endurance and Win Streak tournaments.
• Package additions - New bundles with specialised contents.
• New Emojis - Show more emotions on the pitch, coming soon!
• Gameplay improvements - Smother than ever with new animations and cutscenes.
• Bug fixes

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