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With Ibis Paint X Pro APK, you can draw anything you want, from your favorite cartoon character to a beautiful sunset, without needing to clean
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It is a super fun app that turns your tablet or phone into an amazing art studio. Imagine having a magic box filled with every art supply you’ve ever dreamed of: all kinds of brushes, endless colors of paint, markers that never run out, and even stickers to decorate your drawings.

With Ibis Paint X Pro APK, you can draw anything you want, from your favorite cartoon character to a beautiful sunset, without needing to clean up any mess afterward. It’s like having a magic sketchbook that lets you correct any mistake with just a tap, so you never have to worry about making errors.

You can make lines thicker or thinner just by how you touch the screen, and you can mix colors together to make new ones, just like a real artist. Plus, you can watch videos that teach you how to draw better and try out cool effects that make your drawings sparkle and shine.

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What is Ibis Paint X Pro APK?

It is a type of file for Android devices that lets you install the premium version of the app. Think of an APK as a box that contains all the parts of an app, ready to be set up and used on your phone or tablet. This app is like a digital art studio, offering you a wide range of drawing tools, such as brushes, pens, and colors, so you can create amazing digital art anytime, anywhere.

The “Pro” version means it’s upgraded with more features than the regular version, offering more tools and options for your drawings. It could include extra brushes, more advanced settings for your artwork, and an ad-free experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to bring your creative ideas to life.

Downloading an APK file is like getting a special key that unlocks these extra features, allowing artists to explore their creativity with more tools at their fingertips. This makes drawing and painting on a device more flexible and fun, giving everyone from beginners to advanced artists the chance to create something beautiful on their digital canvas.

General Features

Here are five general features that highlight the capabilities of app:

Extensive Brush Library

It boasts an impressive selection of brushes, including pencils, pens, airbrushes, and watercolors, allowing users to achieve various artistic effects. Each brush can be customized in terms of size, opacity, and blending, giving artists the flexibility to create detailed and diverse artworks.

Layer Functionality

The app supports multiple layers, a crucial feature for digital art creation. Layers can be individually edited, allowing for non-destructive editing, complex compositions, and easier corrections. Users can also change the layer opacity, add blending modes, and use clipping masks for more advanced art techniques.

High-Resolution Canvas

Artists can work on a high-resolution canvas, ensuring that their artworks maintain quality and detail, even when printed or viewed on large screens. The ability to adjust the canvas size and resolution according to the project needs makes it suitable for both professional and hobbyist artists.

Advanced Drawing Tools

It includes tools for precise drawing, such as the S-pen support for pressure-sensitive devices, shape tools for perfect circles, squares, and lines, and a stabilizer feature for smooth lines. There’s also a symmetry function and perspective guides to aid in creating balanced and accurate compositions.

Comprehensive Color Palette

The app provides a wide range of color options, including custom palettes, to ensure artists have the perfect shades for their creations. Features like the color picker tool, gradient tool, and blending modes help in achieving the desired hues and effects for every layer of the artwork.

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Mod Features

Here are five common mod features found in such versions:

All Brushes and Tools Unlocked

It provides free access to all brushes and tools that are normally locked behind a paywall. This allows artists to experiment with a wider range of textures and strokes for their digital artwork, enhancing creativity without financial investment.

Ad-Free Experience

It’s one of the great features is the removal of ads. By eliminating interruptions, users can focus on their art, making the drawing process smoother and more enjoyable. This feature ensures a clean workspace without distractions.

Unlimited Access

It offers unrestricted access to premium materials, including exclusive brushes, fonts, and backgrounds. This feature enables artists to utilize high-quality resources for their projects, which can significantly improve the overall quality and appearance of their artwork.

Premium Features Unlocked

It unlocks advanced features such as layer effects, high-resolution export options, and sophisticated drawing aids. These features can be crucial for professional-quality art and detailed projects, offering users enhanced control over their creations.

No Watermark Export

The ability to save and share artwork without a watermark is another common mod feature. This allows artists to present their work in a more professional manner, without the distraction of app branding. It’s particularly useful for creators looking to use their artwork commercially or to build a portfolio.

Ibis Paint X Pro no watermark


Can I use it without any prior drawing experience?

Absolutely! It is designed for artists of all skill levels. With intuitive tools and a user-friendly interface, beginners can easily start creating art and explore various tutorials available within the app to improve their skills.

Are there any tutorials available in app?

Yes, it includes access to a wide range of tutorials that cater to different skill levels, from basic drawing techniques to advanced digital art concepts, helping users to continuously learn and improve.

Can I share my artwork directly from the app?

Yes, it allows you to easily share your artwork on social media platforms and art communities directly from the app, making it convenient to showcase your creations to friends and followers.

Does it support stylus input?

This fully supports stylus input, offering pressure sensitivity and precision that mimics real-life drawing and painting, enhancing the overall drawing experience on compatible devices.

How does the layer function enhance my drawing process?

The layer function allows you to separate different elements of your artwork, making editing and experimenting with ideas easier without affecting the rest of your drawing. This is key for complex compositions and professional workflows.

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Ibis Paint X Pro APK is an artist’s dream come true, offering an incredible digital canvas right at your fingertips. This app is like having an endless supply of art materials – from silky smooth brushes to vibrant colors and everything in between.

It’s designed to spark creativity in everyone, whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of art or you’re a seasoned professional looking to explore new horizons. With its user-friendly interface, it makes creating stunning artworks accessible and enjoyable.

The app’s wide range of features, including advanced layering techniques and customizable brushes, allows for endless experimentation and refinement of your art. Plus, the supportive community and wealth of tutorials available help you grow and learn new techniques.

Whether you’re sketching to relax, designing your next masterpiece, or sharing your creations with the world, it is your go-to digital art studio. It transforms your device into a powerful tool for expression, enabling you to bring your imagination to life wherever you go.

What's new

[Improvements, Changes]
- Changed Twitter logo image and mentions to X.
- Changed so that the banner ads get hidden when certain windows are displayed on the canvas screen on Android phone devices, too.

[Fixed Bugs and Problems]
- Fixed a bug that caused Text, Frame and Shape layers to look like a noise when inverting the canvas on some devices.

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