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It is a popular emulator software that allows you to play PlayStation (PS1) games on your computer or mobile device. ePSXe APK mimics the PlayStation
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It is a popular emulator software that allows you to play PlayStation (PS1) games on your computer or mobile device. ePSXe APK mimics the PlayStation console, enabling you to run games directly from original discs or from digital copies known as ISO files.

ePSXe and its apk  is beloved for its high compatibility with games, offering enhanced graphics and sound quality compared to the original console, thanks to various plugins and settings adjustments. This means you can enjoy classic PlayStation games with improved visuals and performance on modern devices.

It’s designed to be user-friendly, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily set it up and start playing your favorite PS1 titles. Whether you’re looking to revisit nostalgic classics or explore games you missed out on, provides a convenient and accessible way to experience the vast library of PlayStation games.

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What is ePSXe APK?

It is a tailored version of the renowned ePSXe emulator, designed to elevate your gaming experience on mobile devices. This enhanced edition brings a suite of additional features, setting it apart from the standard app. It unlocks premium functionalities at no extra cost, allowing gamers to enjoy an array of games with improved graphics and smoother performance.

The MOD APK version often includes customizable settings, enabling players to tweak graphics and controls for an optimal gaming experience. Furthermore, it may offer a wider compatibility with games, including those that might have been challenging to run on the original version.

For fans of retro PlayStation games, this MOD APK is a gateway to revisiting classic titles with added convenience and enhanced features, making it a fantastic choice for gamers looking to relive their cherished gaming moments with added flair and functionality.

ePSXe apk for android

General Features

Here are 5 general features provided by app:

High Compatibility

It is renowned for its high compatibility with a wide range of PlayStation games, ensuring that most titles from the PS1 era can be played smoothly on both desktop and mobile platforms. This compatibility makes it a preferred choice for gamers looking to revisit their favorite classics.

Enhanced Graphics

The emulator offers enhanced graphics options that go beyond the capabilities of the original PlayStation console. With features like OpenGL support, players can enjoy improved visuals, including higher resolution textures and smoother gameplay, making old games look better on modern displays.

Sound Emulation

It provides excellent sound emulation, capturing the audio essence of PlayStation games with high fidelity. This feature allows gamers to experience the full auditory atmosphere of their favorite titles, from the iconic soundtracks to the game-specific sound effects.

Save State

With the ability to save game progress at any point (save states), it makes it convenient for players to pause their gaming sessions and resume exactly where they left off, without relying on the game’s original save system. This feature is particularly useful for tackling difficult segments or managing playtime more efficiently.

Plugin System

It uses a plugin system that allows users to customize their gaming experience extensively. From graphics and sound to controller inputs, players can choose from a variety of plugins to enhance performance, compatibility, and visual quality according to their preferences and device capabilities. This level of customization ensures that can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide audience, from casual players to hardcore fans.

Mod Features

Here are the mod features of app:


It comes with an ad-free experience, allowing players to enjoy their games without the interruption of advertisements. This feature enhances the immersion and keeps the gameplay smooth, making for a more enjoyable gaming session without distractions.

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Unlimited Access

This modified version typically unlocks all premium features that might be available in the original app, such as advanced graphics settings or special emulation options. Users can thus enjoy the full spectrum of capabilities without needing to make in-app purchases or unlock them through other means.

Enhanced Compatibility

It offer improved compatibility with a broader range of PlayStation games, including those that might not run as smoothly or at all on the standard version. Additionally, it might be optimized for better performance across various devices, ensuring a wider audience can enjoy classic games on their preferred hardware.

Customized User Interface

It includes enhancements to the user interface and control customization, making it easier for players to navigate the app and tailor control schemes to their liking. This customization can be particularly beneficial on touchscreen devices, where precision and comfort play significant roles in the gaming experience.

Built-in Cheat Code Support

It comes with an integrated cheat code system, allowing players to easily activate cheats without needing to input complicated codes manually. This feature enables gamers to explore games in new ways, whether it’s by unlocking secret levels, gaining unlimited resources, or simply having fun with the game mechanics in unconventional manners.


Is it possible to enhance the graphics of old games?

Yes, it allows you to significantly improve the graphics of PS1 games with options for higher resolution textures, smoother graphics, and enhanced performance, making your favorite games look better than ever before.

Can I use my own game controller?

Definitely! It supports a variety of game controllers, enabling you to connect and use your preferred gamepad for an authentic gaming experience, closely mimicking the original PlayStation feel.

Does it support multiplayer games?

Yes, it supports multiplayer gaming. You can enjoy your favorite multiplayer PS1 games with friends by setting up split-screen or using external plugins for netplay, bringing back the joy of shared gaming sessions.

How does the save state feature work?

The save state feature allows you to save your game progress at any point, even if the game itself doesn’t support saving at that moment. This means you can pause and resume your game exactly where you left off, making gaming more convenient and flexible.

Are there any customization options for better gameplay on mobile devices?

Yes, it offers extensive customization options, including adjustable control layouts and touchscreen sensitivity, ensuring a comfortable and tailored gaming experience on mobile devices.

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ePSXe APK stands out as a remarkable emulation software, delivering an unparalleled PlayStation gaming experience directly to your mobile device or PC. Its exceptional compatibility with a vast library of PS1 titles ensures that gamers can revisit cherished classics and explore undiscovered gems with ease.

The emulator’s ability to enhance graphics and sound transforms these vintage games, presenting them in a quality that far surpasses their original versions. The convenience of customizable controls and the flexibility of save state features significantly improve gameplay, especially on mobile platforms.

Moreover, its support for external game controllers and multiplayer options rekindles the joy of shared gaming sessions. The inclusion of cheat codes adds a fun twist, allowing players to experience games in new and exciting ways.

With straightforward setup and a supportive community, it offers a whole transition into the world of classic gaming, making it a must-have for fans looking to relive the golden era of PlayStation gaming with added modern comforts.

What's new

* Implemented scoped storage support for Android 11+. If you are using Android 11 or superior you will have to choose your previous epsxe folder and then add a list of folders where the emulator will scan for the games. More info in * Added CHD format support * Added an option to enable/disable inmersion mode * Fixed screen split mode * Preliminary support for Shaders in PeteOGL2 (FXAA) * Added support for screen ratio 16:9 * More misc fixes

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