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Dead Cell APK is a video game first released in 2018 by Motion Twin and Evil Empire. In this action-platformer, players go through a straggling
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Dead Cell APK is a video game first released in 2018 by Motion Twin and Evil Empire. In this action-platformer, players go through a straggling, ever-changing castle, embodying a character that must explore an island and complete the game in a single run without dying.

Dead cell has been praised for its fluid combat, complex level design, and the blend of genres that keeps the gameplay engaging and fresh. It also features a global timer, which pauses in certain areas, adding a strategic element to speed through levels. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Each play through offers a new experience as the design of the island changes, providing endless replay ability. The game combines elements of both roguelike and Metroidvania genres, challenging players to progress through levels while fighting off enemies and avoiding death, which resets the game to the beginning.

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What is Dead Cell APK?

It’s a modified version of the original game, a roguevania action platformer developed by Motion Twin. Common modifications include features like unlimited gold, unlocked DLC​​​​, and additional in-game money.

These mods aim to enhance the gaming experience by providing players with advantages such as access to all game content without the need to progress through the game or make in-app purchases.

It is offering over 200 types of weapons and skills, each with unique properties, along with the main game’s challenging levels and dynamic environments. It enable players to explore the game’s vast world without restrictions, promoting a more personalized and potentially more enjoyable gameplay experience.

General Features

Here are five general features that define the game:

Roguelike-Metroidvania Hybrid

This combine elements of roguelike games, such as permadeath and procedurally generated levels, with the exploration and character progression typical of Metroidvania games. This blend offers a unique gameplay experience where exploration and skill development are key.

Procedurally Generated Levels

Each playthrough offers a new experience with levels that are procedurally generated. This means the layout, enemies, and items change every time you play, ensuring a fresh challenge and promoting replay ability.

Skill-Based Combat

The game features fast-paced, skill-based combat that requires players to learn enemy patterns, time dodges, and use a wide variety of weapons and skills to succeed. Mastery of combat mechanics is essential for progression.

Permanent Upgrades

Despite the roguelike nature of the game, players can obtain permanent upgrades that persist across playthrough. These upgrades can improve the player’s abilities, unlock new items and weapons, and gradually make the game more manageable.

Dead Cell mod version for pc

Exploration and Secrets

It encourages exploration with its sprawling, interconnected levels filled with secrets, hidden passages, and optional areas. Discovering these secrets can reward players with powerful items, upgrades, and lore that enrich the game’s world.

Mod Features

Here are five modded features give you ease while playing game:

Unlimited Money/Gold

This feature gives players an infinite amount of in-game currency, allowing them to purchase weapons, skills, and upgrades without the need to accumulate gold through gameplay.

Unlocked DLC

This offer all downloadable content (DLC) unlocked from the start. This means players can access all additional content, including new levels, characters, and items, without having to purchase or unlock them through progression​​​​.

All Weapons and Skills Available

Modded versions can include access to over 200 types of weapons and skills from the beginning of the game, each with unique abilities. This allows players to experiment with different gameplay styles without the need to unlock them.

Mod Menu

A mod menu is a feature that allows players to customize the modded aspects of the game to their liking, such as switching unlimited money, enabling or disabling certain abilities, or accessing mod-specific settings.

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Free Purchases

This feature enables players to make in-app purchases for free or have all items unlocked by default. Players can equip any item, weapon, or skill without the usual restrictions or requirements.


What new features can I enjoy in this game?

Its offer a variety of enhancements, such as unlocked game levels, infinite resources, new abilities, or custom skins that are not available in the official game, providing a fresh and personalized gaming experience.

How can it enhance my gameplay experience?

By removing limitations and adding new content, mod APKs can make the game more enjoyable, letting players explore aspects of the game they otherwise might not be able to, due to time or difficulty.

Is it possible to try premium features for free with mod apk?

Yes, it will unlock premium features without any cost, allowing players to fully experience the game without in-app purchases, which can be particularly appealing for those who wish to explore the game’s full potential without financial investment.

Can I use it to practice and improve my skills?

Absolutely. With modifications like unlimited lives or resources, players can practice difficult levels without the fear of running out of lives or items, leading to a better overall mastery of the game.

Are these updated regularly?

Active modding communities frequently update their APKs to add new content, fix bugs, or adjust features based on player feedback, keeping the game fresh and engaging.


The Dead Cells mod APK makes the game even more fun and exciting by adding cool new features. It’s like getting a special key that unlocks all parts of the game right from the start, so you don’t have to wait or work hard to see everything.

Imagine having unlimited coins to buy anything you want or trying out awesome powers and outfits that make your character look unique and powerful. This special version is great because it lets you play the game your way, making tough levels easier or just enjoying the adventure without worrying about running out of lives.

The best part? A group of fans who love the game just as much as you do keep adding new stuff and fixing any small bugs, so it always feels fresh and exciting. It is like having a supercharged version of the game where you can explore more, do more, and have a ton of fun without any limits.

It’s perfect for anyone who loves the game and wants to experience all the cool things it has to offer in a more relaxed and enjoyable way.

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Fixed text overlapping in Collector's UI
Fixed dialog window clipping out of screen when text is scaled up
Fixed missing controller support for FlaskGoggles view
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