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Developed by Innersloth, it was motivated by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. Among Us APK places players
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It is a thrilling online multiplayer game that blends elements of mystery, strategy, and deception. Developed by Innersloth, it was motivated by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. Among Us APK places players in a spaceship or space station, dividing them into two roles: Crewmates and Impostors.

The Crewmates’ is involved to complete various chores around the map or identify the Impostors to win. On the other hand, Impostors aim to damage the mission and remove Crewmates without being caught. Players can engage in heated debates and discussions during emergency meetings, called either after a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting button is pressed.

The game supports cross-platform play, allowing friends and strangers alike to participate in the fun regardless of their chosen device. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, it fosters a social deduction atmosphere where players must use their deductive reasoning and communication skills to uncover the truth or deceitfully lead others astray.

The APK version for Android devices makes this captivating game readily accessible, providing an entertaining and suspense-filled experience that tests trust, teamwork, and strategy.

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General Features

Here are five general features of the app:

Multiplayer Gameplay

It supports 4-15 players in an online or local WiFi setting. Players are casuallygiven the role of Crewmate or Impostor. The game promotes social interaction and collaboration among players, making it a fun experience to play with friends or strangers online.

Roles and Objectives

The primary objective differs based on the role assigned. Crewmates are tasked with completing a set of mini-games or tasks around the map and deducing who the Impostors are. Impostors, on the other hand, aim to damage the mission and eliminate Crewmates without being identified and voted off the ship.

Maps and Tasks

The game features several maps, each with its matchlessdesign and set of tasks. These tasks are simple mini-games that Crewmates must complete, while Impostors fake task completion and create alibis for their whereabouts.

Meetings and Voting

Players can call emergency meetings or report dead bodies to discuss suspicious behavior and vote out who they think the Impostor is. These meetings are crucial for Crewmates to strategize and for Impostors to manipulate discussions to avoid detection.

Customization and Accessibility

Players can customize their characters with a variety of colors, hats, skins, and pets. It is designed to be accessible, featuring simple controls and a straightforward interface that allows players of all ages and gaming experiences to enjoy the game.

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Mod Features

Here are five common features:

Always Impostor

This mod allows players to be the Impostor in every game they play. This can significantly alter the game’s balance and is popular among players who prefer the gameplay dynamics of being an Impostor.

Unlock All Skins, Pets, and Hats

It often include all cosmetic items unlocked from the start, allowing players to customize their characters with any skins, pets, and hats they like without needing to purchase or unlock them through regular gameplay.

Features of Among US APK

No Kill Cooldown

This mod removes the cooldown period for Impostors after they make a kill, allowing them to eliminate other players without waiting. This can drastically increase the difficulty for Crewmates and disrupt the balance of the game.

Increased Vision

It can increase the vision range for Impostors or Crewmates, or both, making it easier to spot other players or observe activities from a distance. This can significantly impact the game’s strategic elements, especially the stealth and deception aspects critical to gameplay.

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This feature allows players to move through walls or obstacles, giving them the ability to navigate the map in ways that are not possible in the official game. It can provide a significant advantage in avoiding detection or moving quickly around the map.


Can I play with my friends?

Absolutely! It supports both online multiplayer and local WiFi play, making it easy to join games with friends or family regardless of location.

Are there different roles in game? How do they affect gameplay?

Yes, players are casually assigned as either Crewmates or Impostors. Crewmates must complete tasks and deduce who the Impostors are, while Impostors aim to sabotage and eliminate Crewmates covertly. This dynamic creates thrilling and unpredictable gameplay.

Is it meet for players of all ages?

It is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for a wide age range, with simple controls and a cartoonish art style. However, the social deduction aspect requires a certain level of maturity and critical thinking.

What customization options are available in it?

Players can customize their characters with various colors, hats, skins, and pets, allowing for personal expression and fun within the game.

Does it have in-app purchases?

Yes, while the game is free to play, it offers in-app buying for cosmetic items like skins, hats, and pets, which do not affect gameplay or provide any competitive advantage.

Future of Among Us APK

The future of Among Us APK shines brightly. This beloved game, with its simple yet engaging gameplay, continues to captivate millions. Developers actively update the game, introducing fresh maps and tasks that promise endless fun and challenge. The community, aexciting mix of fans, flourishes, sharing tips, and rejoicing victories together.

It bridges distances, allowing friends and family to bond over thrilling space adventures. Its cross-platform play ensures that no one is left behind, regardless of their device. As the game evolves, so does its potential to teach valuable skills like teamwork, communication, and strategy.

It isn’t just a game; it’s a space where memories are made, where laughter and intrigue abound. Its future, full of possibilities, beckons players old and new to embark on countless voyages of discovery and deceit. In this digital age, it stands as a testament to the power of simple joys and the enduring appeal of good company.

What's new

Crewmates! Here are the updates for v2024.3.5:
- Get your Lunar New Year Cosmicube before it disappears on May 8!
- Ladders and zipline cooldown have been rebalanced
- Fixed bug that teleports only Crewmates a short distance (Crewmates AND Impostors may still sometimes stutter, but it will no longer reveal role)
- Small bug and localization fixes

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