Become 1XBET Agent And Check How To Earn Money 2024

Becoming an agent for a major online sports betting and gaming platform can be an exciting venture for those interested in the gambling industry. As an agent, you would be responsible for promoting the platform’s services, attracting new customers, and managing their transactions. Here is a detailed guide on how to become an agent for a well-known online betting platform without referring to specific brands or entities:

Becoming an agent involves promoting the company’s betting services, recruiting new customers, and managing transactions. While I won’t focus on the specifics for any one company, the general concept of how such an agent system works can be outlined. Here’s a broad overview of the agent process, applicable to many betting platforms that mirrors the operations of companies:

1. Registration and Approval

Agent Application: Interested individuals must first apply to become agents through the platform’s given process. This often involves filling out an online form with personal and business information.

Verification: The platform reviews the application, verifying the applicant’s details and ensuring they meet the necessary criteria.

Approval: Once approved, the agent receives access to the platform’s resources, tools, and sometimes training materials to get started.

2. Setting Up

Training: Agents may receive training on the platform’s offerings, how to use the agent portal, customer acquisition strategies, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Tools and Resources: Agents are provided with tools and marketing materials (such as banners, links, and promotional content) to help attract and manage customers.

3. Attracting and Managing Customers

Promotion: Agents promote the platform using the provided marketing materials, through social media, word of mouth, or other channels. Download 1xbet Pc version also.

Customer Registration: They assist new customers with registration, explaining how to use the platform, place bets, and navigate the various services offered.

Transactions: Agents often handle deposits and withdrawals for their customers, facilitating these transactions through the platform.

4. Earnings and Commissions

Commission Structure: Agents earn commissions based on the activity of their recruited customers, such as a percentage of the profits generated from those customers’ bets. Become an affiliate and earn commission.

Performance Tracking: The platform usually provides a dashboard or portal where agents can track their performance, view their earnings, and monitor the activity of their recruited customers.

5. Support and Compliance

Customer Support: Agents may provide first-line support to their customers, addressing questions and resolving issues related to the platform.

Compliance: They must ensure that their operations comply with local laws and regulations related to online betting and gambling.

How Much Is Agent Commission?

Generally agents earn a 2-5% commission for every deposit carried out and a 2% commission for withdrawals. The commission structure for agents can vary depending on several factors, including the agent’s location, the specific agreement with the platform, and the performance metrics such as the number of customers acquired the volume of bets placed by those customers, and the overall profitability of those bets to the platform. As I cannot access real-time or company-specific data, I can’t provide the exact commission rates for 1xBet agents.

Typically, betting platforms offer a commission model that might include one or more of the following:

Revenue Share: Agents earn a percentage of the net revenue generated from the customers they’ve recruited. This percentage can vary but often ranges from 2% to 8%, depending on the platform and the agent’s performance. Google Play Store link is also here.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Some platforms might offer a fixed payment for every new customer an agent successfully signs up who makes a qualifying deposit and places bets.

Hybrid Models: A combination of revenue share and CPA, allowing agents to earn both a fixed amount for new customer acquisition and a percentage of the revenue generated from those customers.

Tiered Commission Structures: In some cases, the commission rate can increase as the agent recruits more customers or as the total betting volume of their recruited customers grows.

It’s essential for potential agents to carefully review the terms and conditions of the agent program of the platform they’re interested in. This includes understanding how commissions are calculated, any applicable performance thresholds, and the payment schedule for commissions.


Is There A Registration Fee For Agents?

No, there is no specific fee to register you as an agent. But if you applied for it through any other channels then it may depend on them to charge you as a customer.

What Is Agent’s Application?

While going through the specialist enrollment process and your status as a specialist has been affirmed, you will be guided by a chief to download the specialist application. Specialists utilize this application to offer types of assistance to punters. You likewise get to screen your advancement and bonus on the application, as well as get the fundamental help.

The application isn’t promptly accessible to download by anybody. To get to the application, the connection to the application is given to the specialist by a specialist supervisor.


The role of an agent for a betting platform like 1xBet involves recruitment and management of customers, facilitating transactions, and earning commissions based on customer activity. It requires understanding the betting industry, effective promotion, and adherence to regulatory standards. While rewarding, it also demands responsibility, especially in promoting responsible gambling and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This general overview applies broadly to how agent systems work in the online betting industry, though specifics can vary between different platforms.

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