How to Go Live on TikTok (with or without 1k Followers) 2024

Sharing live content has become an integral part of our online interactions, offering a real-time connection with audiences worldwide. People mostly asked for how to go live on TikTok? This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on initiating a live broadcast on such a platform.

TikTok renowned for its short-video content, offers a unique live streaming feature that allows users to broadcast live to their followers, enhancing engagement and building a closer community. If you want to know about other articles on tiktok or any other APK you can visit

Getting Started with Live Streaming

1. Account Requirements:

Before you can start broadcasting live, ensure your account meets certain prerequisites. Typically, you must have a certain number of followers—often around a thousand—to unlock the live feature. This requirement helps ensure that active, engaging creators have access to live broadcasting capabilities.

2. Preparing for Broadcast:

Preparation is a key to a successful live stream. Choose a quiet, well-lit location to enhance video quality. Prepare a loose script or key points you want to cover to keep the broadcast focused and engaging. Testing your internet connection beforehand can also prevent connectivity issues during your stream.

Preparation for Broadcast

3. Accessing the Live Feature:

To go live, open the app and locate the creation button, usually found at the center of the navigation bar at the bottom. Swipe to the live option, which is typically, grouped with other content creation options like recording a video or uploading from your gallery.

4. Setting up Live Stream:

Upon selecting the live option, you’ll be prompted to set up your broadcast. This includes entering a captivating title that will attract viewers and possibly selecting a category that best describes your live content. Some platforms also allow you to adjust privacy settings at this stage, letting you control who can view your live stream.

5. Engaging with Audience:

Once live, engage with your viewers by answering questions, addressing viewers by name, and encouraging interaction through likes and comments. This interaction not only makes the live stream more enjoyable for viewers but also boosts engagement metrics, potentially increasing your visibility on the platform.

6. Concluding Broadcast:

When you’re ready to end your live session, ensure to conclude on a positive note. Thank your viewers for participating, share any upcoming plans for future live streams or content, and then follow the prompts to end the broadcast.

After concluding, some platforms offer a summary of your live session, including viewer statistics, which can provide valuable insights for improving future streams.

Best Practices

Promote Your Live Stream: Announce your live stream in advance through your platform’s posts or stories to increase viewership.

Maintain a Consistent Schedule: Regular live sessions can build a loyal viewership as your audience knows when to tune in.

Keep Content Engaging: Use interactive elements like Q&A sessions, live tutorials, or collaborations with other creators to keep your audience interested.

Stay Updated with Platform Guidelines: Ensure your content adheres to the platform’s community guidelines to avoid any interruptions in your ability to go live.


Q. Do I need a certain number of followers to go live?

Yes, to access the live streaming feature, your account typically needs to have a minimum follower count, often around 1k followers. This requirement ensures that the feature is available to active and engaging creators.

Q. Can I prepare for my live stream in advance?

Absolutely! It’s recommended to prepare for your live stream by choosing a quiet, well-lit location, planning the content or key points you wish to cover, and testing your internet connection to avoid any connectivity issues during the broadcast.

Q. How do I start a live stream?

To initiate a live stream, open the app and navigate to the content creation section, often found at the center of the navigation bar. Swipe until you find the live option, then follow the prompts to set up and start your live broadcast.

Q. Can I interact with my viewers during the live stream?

Yes, interacting with your audience is a key part of the live streaming experience. You can engage with viewers by answering their questions, acknowledging their comments, and encouraging interactions through likes and comments.

Q. How do I end my live stream?

When you’re ready to conclude your live session, thank your viewers for their participation, share any upcoming plans, and then use the provided prompts to end the broadcast. Some platforms may offer a summary of your live session, including viewer statistics.

Q. What are some best practices for live streaming?

Promoting your live stream in advance, maintaining a consistent schedule, keeping content engaging, and adhering to platform guidelines are all best practices that can enhance your live streaming experience and grow your audience.

Q. How many followers do you need to go live?

You need 1k followers to go live on TikTok. And, you need to be at least 16 years of age. There is a rumored workaround for the 1,000 follower minimum — something we tried ourselves, but it didn’t work. Maybe you’ll have better luck? More on that below!

Q. Is it possible to restrict who can see my live stream?

Some platforms allow you to adjust privacy settings before starting your live stream, enabling you to control who can view your live content. This feature can be useful for targeting specific audiences or for private broadcasts.

By understanding these basic FAQs, creators can effectively navigate the live streaming feature on popular short-video platforms, ensuring a successful and engaging broadcast experience for both themselves and their viewers.


Live streaming on a popular short-video platform offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in real time. By following the steps outlined above and adhering to best practices, you can create engaging, interactive live sessions that entertain and grow your follower base.

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